LB: The Navajo Dog’s Evil Twin?

Not the Navajo Dog…or is it?

by Larry Brody

Those of you who follow the reprints of my locally popular early 2000s newspaper column, Live! From Paradise! or have read my extremely  unpopular book of poetry, Kid Hollywood and the Navajo Dog may be as interested as I am (okay, maybe almost as interested) in the picture above.

I found this on the website of a company called Dean & Tyler, which makes dog collars, harnesses, leashes, etc., while looking for a lightweight harness for our black Lab, Layla Her Supreme Majesty Just Ask Her, and was immediately struck by what appears to be a return to life of the dog who adopted me in Monument Valley, Utah and stayed at my side teaching me all about life (and magic) for almost two decades.

The Navajo Dog, AKA Dineh, started life as a feral dog, part red heeler and part coyote, on the Navajo Reservation, and until this picture I’d never seen another dog like her. Now that I have, I feel compelled to find the dog in the picture and know everything there is to know about it because, you know, I’m foolishly hoping the magic strikes again.


Dineh at about 13. As “Emotional Support” dogs go, she was the real deal.

So here’s my Question of the Day:

have you seen this dog?

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