munchman: Mike Richards is OUT of ‘Jeopardy’

The only a-hole allowed around here is munchman!

This New York Times subhead says it all:

Three weeks after naming him as Alex Trebek’s replacement to host the show, Sony cited “disruption and internal difficulties” in its announcement that he will leave the program entirely.

And so we wave a not-so-fond “adieu” to a guy who achieved 2 major dubious distinctions to the world in, what, about 4 weeks?

  1. He revealed himself to be a major putz the like of which yer friendly neighborhood munchadillo hasn’t seen since 5th grade when the principal at my elementary school ran through the building screaming “the libs are coming! the libs are coming!” and she wasn’t talking about librarians.
  2. He in all probability has destroyed the future of a long-lived tv game show that now has lost more viewers & fans than many such shows have ever had in total.

munchy snark score


Buh-bye Mikey!

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