THE FLASH and ARROW: TV Writing at Its Worth?

Tired of hearing all the praise being heaped on the CW’s THE FLASH and ARROW shows? Looking for someone willing to say that the emperor is naked after all? Well, then, pard, you’ve come to the right place. Settle in and enjoy the road less taken…without having to take it at all:


by Vamien McKalin

Episode 17 of The Flash aired on March 31, and it was a blast from start to finish. This episode proves without a doubt that The Flash is the best superhero show on TV right now, and it is going to take something special to give it the boot.

The episode kicked off with Future Flash and the Reverse Flash breaking the time barrier to return 15 years prior to when Barry got his powers. This is the night the Reverse Flash stabbed Barry’s mother with a knife in an effort to kill the young Mr. Allen.

Future Flash managed to get out of the house, carrying his young self with him. What’s strange is how future Barry chose to bring his young self outside and then leaves him behind, knowing that the Reverse Flash is still in the house. When the Reverse Flash finally exits the building, how could he fail to see the unprotected young Barry outside, the same person he came to kill?

This error in the script reminds us of last week’s episode of Arrow, where Oliver left his prodigy behind despite knowing full well he was injured and unconscious on the ground.

We have to wonder if the folks who read the script before it is distributed completely failed to come across these errors because clearly, they do not make a single ounce of sense.

The writers and producers of these shows, to us, appear as though they only care about the big set pieces and not the small yet significant details. We’ve seen similar errors several times before in previous episodes, but now it is getting out of hand. Someone needs to look these guys in the eyes and ask them if they believe viewers are stupid, and if, just because we are watching a comic book show, we should just accept everything we see.

It is safe to say that the DC comic shows have been the best so far, but Marvel is not too far behind. Since season 2 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD began, the writing has been great, and we can say the same about Agent Carter as well. You don’t find huge mistakes along the lines of what we’ve seen in Arrow and The Flash.

Let’s be honest — Oliver leaving his sidekick behind and Barry leaving his young self behind are huge mistakes.

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