The Doctor Puppet is Back – And He’s Totally Animated


Everybody out in InterWebs Land knows how much TVWriter™ loves the Doctor Puppet. He’s cute, he’s clever, he makes us go, “Awww.”

In other words, he’s out there showing the very best that Intellectual Property piracy can bring us. being the best DOCTOR WHO homage on the planet. A source of inspiration for millions.

And now – he’s gone beyond one-panel images and straight to interweb animated series. A zillion frames per second better, believe you, um, us.

So don’t delay another minute, gang, subscribe to The Doctor Puppet on the Nerdist Channel. Or, even better as far as acknowledging the wonderfulness of Alisa Stern, his creator is concerned (and we’re really into the importance of creators here), get your next Doctor Puppet Animation Series fix by subscribing to him on YouTube.

And now, the first three episodes. Get your lips ready for the Big Awww: