The Doctor Puppet Goes Up and Down

Uh-oh, we hate to say this, but the recent inundation of Doctor Puppet blog posts has had an effect on us that we don’t think the Puppet and his trusty pal Alisa intended. We’re starting to flood.

He’s so cute and happy, but…

“I had a splendid time at Dragon*Con just riding the elevators in the Marriot Marquis up and down. They were like glass rocket ships! VROOOM!!! ” (The Doctor Puppet)

What do you think, gang? Should we give this a rest for awhile? Or we could be a little pickier about which posts we pick up. But that would mean we’d have to think about what we were doing, and one of the plusses of working with The Doctor Puppet is that it’s been so darn easy so far. Decisions, decisions. Help us out?