munchman: New Screenwriting Software We Never Heard Of

Nice graphic, huh? Lends a certain credibility…

TVWriter™ got a press announcement the other day about a company named Mariner Software, which, it seems makes screenwriting software that neither we nor our friends have heard of. Now, admittedly, we have a pretty limited circle of friends (“Dammit, Jim, we’re writers not social butterflies!) so we’re putting out this call:

If anybody out there has experience with Mariner’s Personna, StoryMill, Mariner Write, and/or Paperless 2 software, for either mac or pc, give us a shout out, will you? And if you’d like to write a review, hey, that’s even cooler.

Yeah, we think it’s really freaky that this company is out and about and seems to be specializing in creative arts type software for, mostly, mac and we’ve never heard of it. So, please, somebody, enlighten us, okay?

And you peeps at Mariner, if you’re reading this, a few review copies flung our way wouldn’t hurt. We’re all starving students here, you know. Well, except LB. He’s still diving, swimming, and skiing in the piles of dough he made back in the day on shows their own stars can’t even remember anymore. (So make sure you address all freebies to munchman, okay?

Thanks for the fish,

munch man