PEOPLE’S PILOT Winners are Here

For contest ending June 1, 2012

First Prize–DR.HOPE ON CALL by Anyes Van Volkenburgh – Sitcom

Second Prize–THE B-TEAM by Shaan Kirpalani & Edward Salazar – Sitcom

Third Prize–THE NERD HERD by Jared Reise – Sitcom


 1st Runner-Up–SIX STRING by Peter Sawyer & Nikhil Potdar – Sitcom

2nd Runner-Up–NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD: A NEW BEGINNING by Corinna Luise Mendis – Sitcom

What more can we say but that the sitcoms killed this time out. The level of writing was simply extraordinary, and the contest results demonstrate it. Our congratulations to a group of Winners whose work tells us they already be established in the Biz and hard at work making the current crop of TV series far better than it already is.

And, yes, you can tell your agents, or any prospective agents, that we said so.

A note to the Winners: You’ll be contacted before the end of the week regarding receiving your prizes. Meanwhile, bask and enjoy!

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