munchman: With a Name Like This It’s Got to be Good

Looks like your typical munchman met her at the gym kinda girl to me

“Media Design School’s zombie romance ROTTING HILL is invading film festivals across the globe like an epidemic.”

Believe it or not, that isn’t our line, it’s the heading on a press release for a short film fully titled “ROTTING HILL: TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES.” Its makers go on to describe it thusly on their website:

Welcome to Rotting Hill, where a young couple embarking on a new relationship is about to discover that the path to true love is never what it seems. A CGI-Live Action Zombie Romantic Comedy from a team of seven digital artists studying Media Design School’s Advanced 3D Productions.

Just between us, this film is so damn clever that we wish we lived in New Zealand, where Media Design School is located so we could get in on the creative action. Since we don’t and can’t, we’re going to spend the weekend indulging ourselves in the trailer below. Gotta love that Valentine scene! We’ll tell you one thing: Whoever taught the “seven digital artists studying Media Design School’s Advanced 3D Productions” definitely has a lot to teach.