The Best TV Shows on Each Network, Right Now

Nothing causes more controversy in the TV interwebs arena than lists of Best or Worst shows. So just between us, what do y’all think of the following choices? Are you for or agin? Why?

This being TVWriter™, we of course are interested mostly in what you think of the writing…and what your criteria for “good writing” is. Have at it:

by Hanh Nguyen

With so many series inundating every corner of the TV landscape, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stay in your comfort zone. Perhaps it’s just sticking with your preferred streaming service or checking out the prestige offerings on HBO. Maybe you’re an antenna-head who’s devoted to a favorite broadcast channel or have yet to cut the cord and are still enjoying basic cable offerings on the likes of AMC, FX, or Syfy.

Whatever your viewing situation is, IndieWire is here to propose a way to dabble with another channel or streaming service with low risk of wasting your time with a dud. IndieWire’s TV team has devoted most of our waking lives to watching television to create this curated list showcasing the absolute best show on each channel or platform, but only if there is anything worth championing. If there isn’t, that network is struck from the list for the month. Better luck next time.

The beauty of this special concierge service is that we’ll be updating this list regularly to keep up with the most recent and increasingly frequent releases (we’re looking at you, Netflix) out there. Last month’s champs will retire, while the shiny new successors to the throne take their place…

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