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BitTorrent ‘s Bram Cohen Patents Revolutionary Live Streaming Protocol

This is a Big Deal. A Huge Big Deal.

Or to put it another way, we find it kinda cool:

bittorrent-live1 by Ernesto

Hoping to revolutionize live broadcasting on the Internet, Bram Cohen has filed a patent application for the new BitTorrent Live streaming protocol. BitTorrent’s inventor has worked on the new technology for several years and believes his new protocol can be world-changing. “We plan to shape the future of live broadcasts and want to work with broadcasters to accomplish that,” Cohen says.

Earlier this month BitTorrent Live was unveiled to the public.

The new protocol allows the public to send a video stream to millions of people, without having to invest in expensive bandwidth.

Around the same time as BitTorrent Live was launched the underlying patent applicationwas published online. In it, Cohen describes what makes the technology so unique and TorrentFreak caught up with BitTorrent’s creator to find out more.

It took nearly half a decade before BitTorrent’s live stream service was released to the public. One of the main reasons is that it has been quite a challenge to make it work seamlessly. BitTorrent’s inventor is known for his passion for puzzles, and the streaming challenge is probably one of the most difficult puzzles he has solved to date.

“Doing live streaming well on the Internet has long been a problem. Peer to peer live-streaming has always suffered from high latency, meaning there is typically a lot of delay between when a broadcast happens and when end users see it, typically dozens of seconds or minutes,” Cohen told TorrentFreak.

“BitTorrent Live allows a broadcaster to stream to millions of people with just a few seconds of latency. This is new, and unique, and potentially world-changing,” he adds.

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Technology triumphant! The way TVWriter™ sees it, BigMedia is just about to embrace its former arch nemesis, Bram Cohen, as their savior. Watch.

Television Without Context


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Cartoon: Performance-Enhancing Drugs for Writers

Grant Snider gets us high…again!


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Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry Sets 3 New Series

This may seem like just another showbiz P.R. announcement, but it’s much more than that. Can anybody guess why?

Felicia is famous!
Felicia is famous!

The actress-producer’s YouTube Channel has also renewed “TableTop” and “Space Janitors” for additional runs
by Lesley Goldberg

Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry has renewed two series for additional runs and picked up three new series.

The web sensation’s production company and YouTube Channel has renewed TableTop and Space Janitors and announced an April 1 start date for new shows Felicia’s Ark, Fetch Quest and The Player Ones.

Felicia’s Ark will run Mondays and features Day saving animals from various video games, with viewers helping her decide which ones make the cut in the interactive comedy about the video-game animal kingdom.

The animated Fetch Quest will run Wednesdays and hails from Emmy nominee Jordan Allen Dutton (Robot Chicken). It is described as a witty, irreverent musical comedy about video-game culture.

On Fridays, The Player Ones will feature the sketch team of the same name as it finds the humor in video games ranging from casual to Triple A.

The second season of Space Janitors will run every other Tuesday, while TableTop will return every other Thursday.

In addition, Day and TableTop host Wil Wheaton will team for International TableTop day, a global event celebrating gaming with 55 countries participating and 2,250 events created across local markets via

“It’s been a year since the launch of Geek & Sundry on YouTube, and I have to say that the success of the channel’s shows have been a true testament to the phenomenal community that we have, and we are so grateful for their support,” Day said. “I’m excited for our upcoming new shows as well as old favorites in our second cycle of Geek & Sundry.”

In its first year, Geek & Sundry’s YouTube channel has amassed 500,000 subscribers with more than 44 million viewers.

Give up? This Hollywood Reporter article is a majorly Big Deal because it’s all about a Web Network and treats it with the same gravitas given previously only to Old Media.

Mark this day on your calendars, kids. Peer production has arrived!