Kelly Jo Brick: The Write Path With Marc Zicree, Part 2

A series of interviews with hard-working writers – by another hard-working writer!

by Kelly Jo Brick


Aspiring writers often wonder how the pros got where they are. The truth is, everyone’s story is different, but there are some common elements: dedication, persistence, hard work and not giving up. read article

Kelly Jo Brick Attends the Sundance Institute Film Financing Intensive


by Kelly Jo Brick

With research showing that film financing and going out to ask investors for money are big challenges for female independent filmmakers, Women In Film and Sundance Institute have teamed up for a Female Filmmakers Financing Intensive. Contributing Editor, Kelly Jo Brick, was one of the filmmakers selected to participate in this event. She shares these takeaways from her experience with the Financing Intensive.

1.  Creating opportunities: As part of a small group selected to workshop our current projects with Sundance advisors, I was quickly caught up in the energy and enthusiasm of those around me, both advisors and participants, real examples of people who aren’t waiting to be chosen, but are going out and making things happen, which is something anyone can do. read article

Best Crowdfunding Project of 2013 – KUNG FURY

kung fury

Oh, Lord, how could we have forgotten this? Forgive us, KUNG FURY creators. We were so busy searching for yearly “bests” in other categories (and mostly not finding any) that your awesomeness got away. Time now to fix all that:

read article

Angelo J. Bell: I Am Crowdfunding a Thriller Called A PERFECT WEAPON


by Angelo J. Bell

What’s the story, Angelo? 

It’s insane to even want to make a movie…so call me crazy. With whatever you do in life, you must build on your past success. I’ve made no-budget films and I’ve made films with $10,000 to $100,000 of my own dough…

Now, I want to make something bigger and more badass! read article

LB: Are Crowdfunded Web Series a Good Way to Launch a TV Writing Career?

Glad You Asked Department 8/5/13

question_ditkoToday’s question comes from Andy, who wants to know:

“I saw your post on the Kickstarter Film Festival and was wondering, what are your thoughts on creatives using Kickstarter, Indigo and the like, especially with regard to TV? Is it good, bad, the future of the industry? Are crowd funded Web series a good launching pad for TV writing careers?

“Are those who go this route blazing a trail or trying to push a bolder up a hill only to watch it roll all the way down at the end?” read article