Angelo J. Bell: Guayabera Shirts and Finely Tuned TV Pitches

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve gotten some emails asking, “Hey, you guys, what’s up with Angelo J. Bell? How come we haven’t seen him on TVWriter™ for awhile?”

So here’s the latest:

by Angelo J. Bell

Today was a good

It started off with a bang — while looking for something casual to wear I found an old pair of Perry Ellis jeans that I haven’t been able to wear since I stopped smoking and gained lots of weight. On a whim I tried them on, and voila! those suckers slid right up my big ass and I easily fastened them! Even my guayabera shirt draped over my torso with room to spare! Talk about a confidence builder!

I popped three 200 mg tablets of ibuprofen for my ongoing toothache and headed out to the Speed Pitching session at NBCUniversal.


First up: I pitched fellow #RCWD team member Paul’s project to USA Comedy. The idea went over well but both USA and Fox  have a similar project already in development with the same title, “Assistants”.

I came in to pitch to USA Network, then at the last minute I thought my idea might be too dark so I wanted to switch to NBC Drama. Turns out USA was booked solid anyway, so I switched. Then the IFTA rep asked the USA guy to stay after to hear my pitch. He did so, and I ended up pitching A Perfect Weapon to both networks.guayabera-shirt

The response was very good, especially to the video. (If you supported the Indiegogo campaign for A Perfect Weapon, login to the site and check the updates tab to see the video).

USA wanted to know if I had the script ready, and NBC seemed pleased at all the materials I presented – mini bible, pilot synopsis and a printout of all the comments you wonderful people left on my blog!

Marcus bounced some ideas off me for his pitch, “Guidance Counselor,” before going in to pitch to USA Comedy. And my blinding toothache remained a dull annoying whimper until after the pitching was done :)

Since this was a Speed Pitching session, we are supposed to hear something back by early next week. Stay tuned.

Angelo J. Bell: I Am Crowdfunding a Thriller Called A PERFECT WEAPON


by Angelo J. Bell

What’s the story, Angelo? 

It’s insane to even want to make a movie…so call me crazy. With whatever you do in life, you must build on your past success. I’ve made no-budget films and I’ve made films with $10,000 to $100,000 of my own dough…

Now, I want to make something bigger and more badass!

In 2010, I got into the “Screenwriter’s zone” and went on a writing marathon. I completed two 119 page feature film screenplays in one month and one of those scripts later evolved into “A Perfect Weapon.” It was written like an adaptation of a Tom Clancy novel, to be directed by Michael Mann for the silver screen. Ha!

“A PERFECT WEAPON” is about a disgraced US Marshal who is mysteriously reinstated to track down an escaped convict with ties to terrorist organizations, but he learns the hard way that some people — maybe even the CIA — will do anything to keep him from accomplishing his mission.

In 2012, #PerfectWeapon became the most-viewed project on the Juntobox Films web site, which is chaired by none other than Forest Whitaker. A member of Juntobox Films’ development team even said my project was “very sexy.”

In the past, ALL of my films have been funded mostly out of my own pockets, but “A Perfect Weapon” is super badass and much bigger than any project I’ve ever make. $200K is a good start.  I’d have enough to start shooting, and find production partners to obtain more money to make the kind of film I want.

After my filmmaker friend Sujewa Ekanayake told me about several successful, celebrity-driven crowdfunding campaigns I thought, “Maybe the fans are ready for a true unknown, up-and-coming indie filmmaker to step up to the plate with a strong project and cast attached.”


I’m excited that Alimi Ballard from the hit TV show “Numb3rs” agreed to take the lead role! After Alimi read the script he responded with a single Twitter message to me saying, “Weapon is F*CKEN BADASS!”

And pinch me to make sure I’m not dreaming; the lovely Tehmina Sunny, rising star of the critically acclaimed Ben Affleck-directed film “Argo” and “Children of Men” read the part of the female lead, Femi, loved it and understood every nuance of the character. She “got” it!

Then there’s the talented and stunning Emayatzy Corinealdi, star of the Sundance award-winning film for Best Director, “Middle of Nowhere.”  I’m happy to say I knew Ema before her star started to rise when she auditioned for a fantasy drama project of mine you may have heard about called “Legend of Black Lotus.” I quickly became a fan.

The main cast is rounded out by the amazingly talented journeyman actor from television’s “Crossing Jordan,” Mr. Ravi Kapoor.

And for all you sci-fi/fantasy fans, hold onto your unicorns…  I’m conversing with the lovely Jessica Duffy from the indie sci-fi fantasy film phenom “INK” for a pivotal role in my movie.

Okay, enough background material. What’s the movie about? 

In “A Perfect Weapon” Shey is a US Marshal with a weakness for women and the good looks and charm to get into a lot of trouble. Suspended indefinitely for fraternization, Shey is reinstated to track down Femi, an escaped Indian/Nigerian criminal. Shey is an expert, intuitive tracker, but as he gets closer to finding coquettish Femi he learns disturbing things about her past in war-torn areas of East India, Africa and the Middle East. Shey is drawn into the mysteries surrounding Femi, even to the point of sexual obsession, but he begins to suspect that both she and he are pawns in a deadly game that someone very powerful doesn’t want him to win.

The result is a thrilling pursuit wrapped in a dangerous international conspiracy, with action and sexual tension so obsessive the lines between fiction and reality blur.

More about A PERFECT WEAPON and the crowdfunding campaign HERE

Angelo J. Bell: The Countdown Has Begun

EDITOR’S NOTE: We love Angelo Bell not only for his talent but for his intensity. These powerful feelings are what the biz should always be about:

by Angelo J. Bell

The Countdown has begun

countdown timer

I’m putting the finishing touches on my “Massively Big Project,” you know, the project I’ve been secretly working on in-between pitching TV series and MOW’s to NBCUniversal.  It’s do-or-die time; the moment when you realize you can tweak from now until doomsday but nothing is guaranteed, so you might as well go for broke now.

Presently, it’s about rallying the troops. Lots of troops. It’s also about getting the first wave ready for a massive reveal. I know that I must get momentum on my side if this project is going to be successful. That means, every person counts, every email counts, every tweet or Facebook status update counts.

Press releases, media kits and blogs — oh my!

I always talk about “ruling the world” like Pinky & The Brain, and the Royal Court of World Domination (#RCWD) was founded on that aggressive mission statement.  Now we do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, fans and friends, filmmakers and moviegoers, get ready for… A Perfect Weapon