Angelo J. Bell: The Countdown Has Begun

EDITOR’S NOTE: We love Angelo Bell not only for his talent but for his intensity. These powerful feelings are what the biz should always be about:

by Angelo J. Bell

The Countdown has begun

countdown timer

I’m putting the finishing touches on my “Massively Big Project,” you know, the project I’ve been secretly working on in-between pitching TV series and MOW’s to NBCUniversal.  It’s do-or-die time; the moment when you realize you can tweak from now until doomsday but nothing is guaranteed, so you might as well go for broke now.

Presently, it’s about rallying the troops. Lots of troops. It’s also about getting the first wave ready for a massive reveal. I know that I must get momentum on my side if this project is going to be successful. That means, every person counts, every email counts, every tweet or Facebook status update counts.

Press releases, media kits and blogs — oh my!

I always talk about “ruling the world” like Pinky & The Brain, and the Royal Court of World Domination (#RCWD) was founded on that aggressive mission statement.  Now we do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, fans and friends, filmmakers and moviegoers, get ready for… A Perfect Weapon