How to Manage Negativity and Use It to Your Advantage

Hard to believe as it may be, showbiz is filled with negative. It’s an integral part of what is without question the most competitive environment in, oh, let’s say the whole world – cuz we’re here plunk in the middle of it and it sure as Christ feels like that to us.

Which means that anything any showbiz newb can learn about how to handle all those bad vibes is important. Making this very important indeed:

negativityshowersby Adam Dachis

We live in a world of ups and downs, but handling the positive aspects tends to come a bit easier than the negative. With the right skill set, however, you can manage negativity when it comes your way.

Understand Negative Body Language

Your body often communicates more than your words and the same can be said for others. In order to understand negativity and react to it properly, it helps to recognize specific and common cues:

  • Moving or leaning away from you
  • Crossed arms or legs
  • Looking away to the side
  • Feet pointed away from you, or towards and exit

While not a pure indication, these body language cues point to a negative reaction of some kind. Out of context they don’t mean much, but by interpreting the situation and what the person is saying you can understand a lot more about how they’re feeling in a given moment. For more on how body language works, check out our complete guide.

Of course, your personal body language matters as well as it communicates various signals to the people you interact with. While you don’t need to watch what your body says in every situation, it can make a big difference in a job interview. You’ll want to avoid these cues:

  • Face touching
  • Restless leg
  • Sitting rigid or slouching
  • Excessive nodding, hand gestures, and fidgeting

Generally speaking, aside from avoiding the general negative body language you just don’t want to use certain cues too much or too little. If you can find a happy medium, your body language will communicate comfort rather than anything negative.

Train Your Brain to Minimize the Impact of Negative Comments

One negative comment can ruin a day. After all, our brain has a negative bias and gives the bad stuff greater weight than the good. You can counteract the effects of negativity by finding a lot of small, happy moments to enjoy but that doesn’t prevent you from feeling bad in the moment. Instead, train your brain to minimize the impact of negativity so you don’t feel so awful when someone hurts your feelings.

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