Angelo J. Bell: Guayabera Shirts and Finely Tuned TV Pitches

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve gotten some emails asking, “Hey, you guys, what’s up with Angelo J. Bell? How come we haven’t seen him on TVWriter™ for awhile?”

So here’s the latest:

by Angelo J. Bell

Today was a good

It started off with a bang — while looking for something casual to wear I found an old pair of Perry Ellis jeans that I haven’t been able to wear since I stopped smoking and gained lots of weight. On a whim I tried them on, and voila! those suckers slid right up my big ass and I easily fastened them! Even my guayabera shirt draped over my torso with room to spare! Talk about a confidence builder!

I popped three 200 mg tablets of ibuprofen for my ongoing toothache and headed out to the Speed Pitching session at NBCUniversal.


First up: I pitched fellow #RCWD team member Paul’s project to USA Comedy. The idea went over well but both USA and Fox  have a similar project already in development with the same title, “Assistants”.

I came in to pitch to USA Network, then at the last minute I thought my idea might be too dark so I wanted to switch to NBC Drama. Turns out USA was booked solid anyway, so I switched. Then the IFTA rep asked the USA guy to stay after to hear my pitch. He did so, and I ended up pitching A Perfect Weapon to both networks.guayabera-shirt

The response was very good, especially to the video. (If you supported the Indiegogo campaign for A Perfect Weapon, login to the site and check the updates tab to see the video).

USA wanted to know if I had the script ready, and NBC seemed pleased at all the materials I presented – mini bible, pilot synopsis and a printout of all the comments you wonderful people left on my blog!

Marcus bounced some ideas off me for his pitch, “Guidance Counselor,” before going in to pitch to USA Comedy. And my blinding toothache remained a dull annoying whimper until after the pitching was done :)

Since this was a Speed Pitching session, we are supposed to hear something back by early next week. Stay tuned.