The Truth About the Latest War Between Warner Cable & CBS

It ain’t whatcha think. Or at least what the combatants want you to think.

We found this analysis fascinating…in kind of a disgusted-with-humanity way. Take a look and you’ll see what we mean:


Don’t Be Fooled: Both Time Warner Cable & CBS Hate Your Guts
by Chris Morran

Since Friday afternoon, Time Warner Cable customers in New York, L.A., Dallas, and other markets have had to go without CBS, while all TWC subscribers are having to ask their friends what happened on Dexter last night because that premium network is blacked out nationwide. Meanwhile, both sides of the fight are attempting to win over public sentiment. But don’t be fooled — they both hate consumers very, very much.

Nothing about these carriage fee fights — in which the cable company always claims it is being bullied into paying some mammoth increase to broadcasters for the rights to retransmit the networks, while the broadcaster makes a specious allegation that it has been basically giving its programming away to the cable company since the last contract — have anything to do with providing better programming or service to the consumer. Until recently, when both sides realized they could try to leverage public sentiment against each other, these sorts of disputes were handled far from public view.

But these days, a carriage fee dispute results in full-page ads being taken out in local newspapers, with Time Warner Cable saying it is getting raked over the coals by the evil corporate overlords at CBS. Meanwhile, CBS’s plea to the public is to remind them that they are missing shows like Big Bang Theory, Big Brother, Under the Dome, and others.

It’s the same as when parents use children as pawns in a fight that has nothing to do with the kids. And when parents do that, it demonstrates how little they care for their children.

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