9 Series Bosses on the Challenges of Rebooting Beloved Properties

This is worthwhile reading, even if you’re one of those (erm, kind of like this TVWriter™ minion), who’s anti-reboot. Because in this business you just might encounter a situation where you can make a shit ton of $$$ by doing something you don’t like. (Gasp!?)

by Craig Tomashoff

There’s no clear consensus about the origins of the phrase ‘Everything old is new again.’ But whoever coined it must surely have been working as a television programming executive at the time. This season’s schedule — filled with a wide variety of reboots, sequels, and spinoffs that have taken previously popular shows and updated them for a 2017 audience — is all the proof you need. Producers, showrunners, and stars share the challenges and changes they faced when it came to getting these born-again series on the air. read article