LB: Hey, Trekkers, Have You Seen the Official Star Trek Timeline?

by Larry Brody

For reasons so personal that it’s embarrassing, I admit to being thrilled to learn that, which is a genuine, real life CBS-owned official Star Trek site, has issued a timeline for the entire Trek universe, including all its alternate dimensions and casts.

This in itself is a very cool thing for Trekkers and even casual fans, but here’s what’s so wonderful to me:


And as canon, its stories now are genuine records of events that happened during the last year of the 5 year mission to go where no man one had ever gone before of a certain star ship called The Enterprise, commanded by this dimension’s Capt. James T. Kirk. read article

LB Loves When io9.Com Uses This Picture

That’s this one:

It’s from the old STAR TREK: THE ANIMATED SERIES episode I wrote called “The Magicks of Megas-Tu.” It reminds me of how much the show was loved and fills me with a nice, warm feeling for Gene and D.C. and the gang. read article