Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/26/14


Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are=&0=& (SLEEPY HOLLOW) and Scott Rosenbaum (GANG RELATED) are teaming up to write a science fiction pilot described as “The Dirty Dozen in deep space? for Fox. (Which as old-fashioned as it sounds still seems kinda catchy to el munchero. Besides, this is a new and original idea compared to the oft-written but never shot pilots that described th emselves as “The Magnificent Seven in deep space.” I’m hopeful. For reals.) =&1=& (FELICITY) are developing a “relationship comedy” for ABC about the lies being told at a wedding. (Hey, if you think the premise is unworkable, wait’ll you see who’s running the production of this thing: Shonda Rimes. How long do you give it before the comedy turns to soap? I’m thinking two episodes, but then I’m an optimist at heart.) Neil Cross (LUTHER) is doing a U.S. remake of the series for Fox. (No, Idris Elba won’t star – or so he says. Instead he’ll be a producer cuz that’s, you know, where his real talent lies…?) =&2=& (MEET THE PARENTS) is going into the TV development biz with an overall deal at Fox. (And my munchiness is jumping up and down with excitement cuz…ZOOLANDER! Yeppers, John co-wrote that. And…I know the guy. All I’ve gotta do is butter him up a bit and a staff job is mine, all mine, mine I say! Hehehehehehehehe…Or not.)

That’s it for now. Write in and tell munchilito what you’ve sold today. TVWriter™ can’t wait to brag to all your friends. (And, more importantly, enemies. Hehehe….)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/26/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Michael Chiklis (yeppers, the actor guy) is looking for a co-writer to help him adapt the comic book he co-created, Pantheon for TV. If you’re into ancient Greek gods battling for the future of earth, have your people give Michael’s people a call. (Word to the wise: It’ll help considerably if you happen to be a current or recent TV showrunner that all the networks are falling over themselves to do business with cuz the PANTHEON TV series really, really, really wants to get on the air.)
  • Walter Mosley (yeppers, the hard-boiled novel guy) is co-writing a pilot based on his series of novels featuring Socrates Fortlow with Patrick Charles (BONES). This one’s for HBO and will star Laurence Fishburne as Fortlow.  (Hmm, we’re thinking that maybe with Patrick on board we’ll finally get to see a Mosley story that seems at least half as interesting as its P.R.  Cool.)
  • Samuel Baum (LIE TO ME) is rewriting HBO’s Bernie Madoff movie. (We always wonder about the reason for rewrites so we’re putting this out there for original writer John Burnham Schwartz: Why’d they shitcan you, dude? TVWriter™ will be mighty happy to tell your side of the story so let us know, okay?)
  • Bryan Shukoff & Kevin Chesley (THE HARD TIMES OF R.J. BERGER) have written the pilot for NBC’s TWO TO GO, a comedy about single guys and how they deal with their friends’ kids. (Cuz the Millennial audience really gives a crap about people with kids, don’tcha know?)
  • Shonda Rimes (GREY’S ANATOMY) has a deal to write a memoir about her early days as a writer and, we assume, human being for Simon & Schuster. (To which we can only add a very non-snarky, “Congratulations, Shonda. And, listen, we know how busy you are with a zillion projects and your life, so if you need a ghost writer just email TVWriter™ and ask for munchman, okay? Aw, c’mon, gang, you can’t blame us for trying…can you?)

Recent Series Pilot Deals

We saved them up this time for a gangbang clusterfuck one Acme Mountain O’ Writerly Praise:

  • Adam F. Goldberg, creator of BREAKING IN, has a pilot production commitment from ABC for HOW THE F—am I NORMAL?, a sitcom set in the ’80s.
  • Ben Ripley, writer of SOURCE CODE, has a pilot script deal with NBC for VANISHING POINT, a legal drama starring Angela Bassett.Danny Jacobson, co-creator of MAD ABOUT YOU, has a pilot script order from Fox Network for LOVELAND, a sitcom about a Las Vegas wedding chapel.
  • Howard Gordon, co-developer of HOMELAND, is co-writing the pilot, LEGENDS, with Jeffrey Nachmanoff and Mark Bomback for TNT.
  • Shonda Rhimes, creator of GREY’S ANATOMY among others, is co-writing an FBI drama, UNDER THE GUN, with Peter Nowalk for NBC.