The Official SHAZAM! Film ‘Teaser Trailer” is here…

by Larry Brody

…And I have to say for all to hear that based on what we all can see here, I’m going to make an exception to my normal DC Film Universe reaction of, “Well, that’s money wasted” because right now I’m ready to be first in line for:

The characters in this film are without a doubt my favorite comic book people of all time. I first discovered what then was known as “The Marvel Family” back in the late 1940s, when I was about five years old.

I’ve read every issue of every comic book that ever presented Captain Marvel (AKA Shazam!), Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel, Mr Tawny, Dr. Sivana, et al, watched every TV and film version – well, a lot of those were “wannabe versions” that never really made it, and, friends, I’m here to tell you that this trailer is the absolute best presentation since the great CC Beck’s original creation. read article