Are You a Powerpuff Girls Fan?

Here’s why you should be:

I don’t know how to say this without putting a severe crimp into any claim I have ever, or will ever, make to have serious TV writing or analyzing cred, but when I was a pre-pimply adolescent girl The Powerpuff Girls was my favorite series.

Mostly, I believe, because it was the first show I ever watched that I got but my parents didn’t. That’s changed, of course. Nowadays, every time anybody in my parents’ generation sits in front of her or his monster screen TV and allows her or his face to set into a bewildered yet angry scowl at this or that new comedy the fact that nobody over 40 understands one thing about millennial tastes demonstrates itself yet again.

But I digress. This TVWriter™ minion’s point is that Cartoon Network is rebooting my one time favorite show, and if you look at the video above and are under 30 you’ll immediately feel the joy!

Um, unless you’re a, you know, boy.