‘True Detective’ Producer Explains How TV Became The Land With No Rules

Considering that most people who work in TV bitch about how there are “so many goddamn rules,” or words to that effect, the following article comes as a breath of fresh air. Well, reassuring air, anyway:

Screen-Shot-2015-04-13-at-3.12.54-AMby Madeline Berg

According to Freud, the uncanny refers to the juxtaposition of the weird and dark with the familiar. It is this peculiar intimacy that audiences find so alluring in many of television’s recent hits, such as Netflix’s NFLX -0.56%Hemlock Grove and HBO’s True Detective.

True Detective, in particular, has taken advantage of the dark and twisted. Not only are Rust and Marty embroiled in the grim chase for a serial killer, but these protagonists also participate in the darkness, bending the rules and battling their own inner demons.  This complexity has led to public and critical acclaim: The first season’s finale set an HBO ratings record, and the show garnered numerous Golden Globe nominations and Emmy wins. read article