Not Quite a Writing Gig: Maybe That’s Why It Pays?

by TVWriter™ Press Service

A lit agency in Manhattan (ooh, the Big Apple!) is looking for an intern for the next three months, and what makes this Craigslist ad interesting is that for once the agency is paying.

Not a lot, but, hey twenty bucks a day will pay for a couple of coffees, right?

Here’s the scoop:

Literary Agency Film/TV Rights Internship (Nolita / Bowery)

 compensation: $20/day

employment type: part-time

We specialize in film and television, and deal mainly with writers, directors, producers, managers, and occasionally with publishers. We have sold projects produced with Brad Pitt at Warner Brothers, Ridley Scott at Universal, a #1 New York Times Bestseller at Dreamworks, an Emmy Award winning HBO movie, and a hit Netflix series.
Lots of phone work, extensive internet research, and other office-related tasks. Reading manuscripts/screenplays and writing coverage. Creating submission lists with directors, actors, producers.Frequent moviegoing is a plus.

We are a busy 2-person office, and there is lots of room to learn about the workings of a film/literary agency, ie., how books, articles, and life rights are adapted for film, the structure of an option/purchase or screenwriting deal, etc.

Experience with Microsoft Outlook is a plus, but strong phone skills are a must.

We are looking for a commitment of 3 months, 11am-7pm, 2 or 3 days a week.

There is a stipend of $20 a day.

Please send cover letter and resume.

Thank You.

If you’re in the neighborhood and interested, the ad is HERE

Could be a great place to network. Could be a wonderful job. Or, you know, not. Either way, if you apply, please let us know what it is and how it turns out.

Who luvs ya, baby, huh?