Joshua Hudson: Fox likes DADS, but that doesn’t mean you have to

by Joshua Hudson

Dads-TV-tvwriter.comDecent cast, below average script. Expected greatness from known producer, sour delivery of unoriginal premise.

That about sums up FOX’s Dads. Giovanni Ribsi deserves so much better. Still not sure that Seth Green does.

Dads centers on Eli (Green) and Warner (Ribsi) who own a video game development company. They clearly have “interesting” relationships with their dads. Warner’s dad (played by the always affable Martin Mull) has just moved in and immediately cements his presence by spoiling a huge business deal that the guys were trying to close with investors from China. Warner has a hard time standing up to his dad because he’s a “Golden Retriever with a briefcase.” read article


1248x139The full title wouldn’t fit into the headline spot, so here it is: HOW TO LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS (FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE).

And that title is precisely what this show is about. Shocking right? But in addition to being a description it’s kind of a prescription as well, pigeonholing the series. Allow me to explain.

Polly leaves her husband, takes her daughter with her as she moves in with her parents because she has nowhere else to go. Six months later, she’s still living with her parents, working at a smoothie place in a grocery store, yet determined to be the most successful single mother role model for her daughter. read article

Peer Production: The Trials & Tribulations of Shooting Your Own Series Pt. 2

A 2 day shoot! We certainly hope Josh is proud of himself and his team.

odds of winning

Day 2

by Josh Hudson

To put it bluntly: a somber cloud on an otherwise successful day. read article

Peer Production: The Trials & Tribulations of Shooting Your Own Series Pt. 1

munchman NOTE: And this is just the first day of the first episode! (Hey, nobody said this kind of thing was easy.)

odds of winning

by Josh Hudson

Man, talk about a headache. read article

Peer Production: Update on ODDS OF WINNING

The other day we ran Josh Hudson’s piece about his new web series, ODDS OF WINNING. Now it’s time to include the all-important info about how you can be part of this production.

Here’s the all-important financing info on