Joshua Hudson: Fox likes DADS, but that doesn’t mean you have to

by Joshua Hudson

Dads-TV-tvwriter.comDecent cast, below average script. Expected greatness from known producer, sour delivery of unoriginal premise.

That about sums up FOX’s Dads. Giovanni Ribsi deserves so much better. Still not sure that Seth Green does.

Dads centers on Eli (Green) and Warner (Ribsi) who own a video game development company. They clearly have “interesting” relationships with their dads. Warner’s dad (played by the always affable Martin Mull) has just moved in and immediately cements his presence by spoiling a huge business deal that the guys were trying to close with investors from China. Warner has a hard time standing up to his dad because he’s a “Golden Retriever with a briefcase.”

Eli’s dad (Peter Riegert) shows up to attend Eli’s surprise birthday, whom he actually thinks is for Warner, thus spoiling the surprise. Eli has no problem standing up to his dad, but like all kids, still has a soft spot for the love he has never obtained. By the end of the episode, Eli reluctantly agrees to allow his dad to move in with him since his life has completely unraveled.

There you go. Dull, boring, and a little too much on the racist humor. Brenda Song, who plays Eli and Warner’s assistant Veronica, should ask for a huge raise to put up with this. They dress her up as a character from Sailor Moon to entice the Chinese businessmen because, according to Eli and Warner, it will seal the deal. I’m all for stereotypes in sitcoms – hell, that’s the meat and potatoes OF sitcoms – but let’s be real: Sailor Moon was created in Japan. At least get the cultures right.

Sure, there were a few decent jokes – every sitcom has at least one – but it fails to provide much substance. As an executive producer, Seth MacFarlane should just walk away. I never really liked Family Guy or American Dad myself, so my expectations were extremely low. Temper yours similarly.

EDITOR’S UPDATE: This just in. On November 21, 2013, Fox announced that DADS was being removed from the schedule, even though several of the episodes shot for the initial order haven’t been shown. Nothing was said about whether or not the series will return. Guess Fox isn’t so crazy about the series after all. So it goes.

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