Time Now for a Sneak Peak at Herbie J Pilato’s New Book About Mary Tyler Moore

See what we did there? We got both four important points in one headline. Pretty good, huh? So is the newspaper interview with our favorite Contributing Editor below. (Oh, and here’s another sneaky factoid: Herbie J’s book is even better:)

Mary Tyler Moore & the rest of the beloved Petrie family

Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story sheds new light on iconic actress
by Anthony C. Hayes

For fans of the late, great Mary Tyler Moore, the phrase “Love is all around” transcends the theme to her stereotype-shattering TV show. In the annals of television history, one would be hard pressed to think of an actress more adored by legions for a longer period of time than Mary Tyler Moore. Mary’s successes were legendary, but her struggles off-camera were often far from the happy endings of her award-winning TV shows.

In the soon to be released book Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story (Jacobs Brown Press 2019) Herbie J Pilato offers the first full-scale, objective, and detailed biography of the actress best known from The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Moore’s life was shaped not only by these two benchmark series but also by the ravages of diabetes, as well as various physical, psychological, and professional challenges. More uplifting experiences came from her involvement with numerous charitable works, such as animal rights and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. read article