Peer Production: We aren’t the Only Ones Who Love BECOMING RICARDO

We’ve written about the web series BECOMING RICARDO numerous times on this site. So, for that matter, have its creators. (Do a site search and be amazed. Go on. We’ll wait.) Now, though, it’s time to tell you how the Web Series Channel, a primo peer production destination, feels about this subject:

Becoming Ricardo is a half hour quirky, fun family sitcom! It’s about a girl, named Jesenia, a struggling actress who aspires to be a famous non-struggling actress – and will do just about anything to make it happen. Lucky for her – there is an Open Call audition for the HIT TV show – Crime, Law and Justice.

But there’s one tiny hiccup – their only looking for a MALE lead. So, with some special effects makeup help from her sassy cousin Sonia, she disguises herself as an extremely attractive macho man named Ricardo Montalban, auditions for the show and GETS THE PART!

But the fun does not stop there! Along with landing this AMAZING part – Jesenia has to deal with a medaling mom, a hot tempered Dad, a crazy ex-boyfriend, a handsome new boyfriend, a female co-star who falls in love with her, well Ricardo, all the while trying not to get caught by the studio heads or anyone else who knows her! It’s a tangly web indeed!

Becoming Ricardo is guaranteed to deliver the funny about the battle between the sexes! How do women think men think? How do men think women think? Or – Do we think the same? This is PULITZER PRIZE WINNING stuff! Becoming Ricardo – is a hilarious, gender bending, mind opening, family uniting, side splitting, good-ole fun-time sitcom!

Whoa, who’d a thunk? Their enthusiasm makes ours look like indifference. We agree with everything above, though, except maybe the Pulitzer Prize winning thing. And, hey, you never know, right? So give Jesenia and her show a whirl. It’s a great way to be ahead of the pack.