Your Favorite Authors Recommend Their Favorite Books

Every wonder what the writers you worship/adore actually worship/adore themselves? Here’s the scoop:

by Gregory Cowles

IF WISHES WERE BOOKS: It’s holiday time. So in keeping with a loose tradition at Inside the List, I asked a handful of best-selling authors to talk up their favorite reads of 2017, old or new. Granted, not everybody will find a limited 1909 edition of “Gulliver’s Travels.” But we can wish.

Jacqueline Woodson, author of “Brown Girl Dreaming”: As someone who doesn’t read a lot of nonfiction, I was pleasantly surprised by David Friend’s “The Naughty Nineties” — basically a sexual history of that decade (and a guidebook for this one!). Friend brings us right back to all the amazing drama of that time: from Clinton and Lewinsky to Lorena Bobbitt to O. J. Simpson. It’s funny, scandalous, whip-smart and infinitely readable.

Celeste Ng, author of “Little Fires Everywhere”: In a year that made me furious, Daisy Johnson’s “Fen” was a howl I didn’t know I needed. This linked collection takes place in the marshes, where things that some might wish to keep hidden refuse to stay buried, and resurface in unexpected ways. It’s hauntingly written and full of unabashedly, refreshingly angry women who are hungry — both figuratively and literally — for things long denied them….

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