LB: “How can I tell when my writing is good enough?”

Angry Judge Mandy Patinkin

by Larry Brody

New writers often ask the question in this post’s headline, and I always find myself pausing and giving thought to my answer…and sometimes even changing it from what I usually say.

This morning’s email brought two queries on the subject, and I found myself thinking about and changing my answer again. Right now, this very minute, here’s where my head is at:

Your writing is ‘good enough’ when you no longer ask yourself that question. read article

LB: “There is no art without self-revelation.”

Armpit art?

by Larry Brody

No, those aren’t my words. Picasso said them first. But they’ve always seemed like genuine Truth to me, which means that when I watch films and TV or read books these days I all too often find myself thinking:

If this is self-revelation, man, are these writers ugly!

And then I remind myself: read article