Thoughts While Watching ‘Scrooged’

This TVWriter™ minion admits it: Scrooged is far from his favorite Christmas pic. But it’s a damn sight better than Mixed Nuts or – choke – The Bishop’s Wife.

I always thought I was alone in my opinion of how overrated Scrooged in particular is. Then I saw this:

24 Thoughts We had While Watching Scrooged
by Tricia Ennis

A few weeks ago there was a meme making its way around the Twitterverse. What was the tagline of the number one film the day you were born? This is especially fascinating for me, as this is the year I turn 30 and either fall into an existential crisis from which there is no return or wake up the next morning with all my crap completely together. That’s how it works, right? This is what I’ve been told and the world wouldn’t LIE, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, as a November baby, I get two things in theaters: Disney princesses and Christmas movies, so it should not have surprised me that the number one movie the day I was born was the Bill Murray classic Scrooged, which was released unto the world on November 23, 1988, just four days before I would join it and signal the coming apocalypse bring joy to my family and friends.

But here’s the thing. Even though we’ve existed on this planet for the same amount of time, Scrooged and I have never crossed paths. And so we come here, to this Deja View, in which I attempt to discover exactly what I’ve been missing and see which of us is doing better 30 years on.

1. This movie is already off to an unexpected start … in the North Pole? Is this when we find out Santa is God?

2. Oh, wait … Santa is being shot at. The elves have an arsenal. Santa has an AK-47. I know this is gonna end up being very meta but is there a version of this fake movie within the movie that I can actually watch?

3. And now Lee Majors is here and Bob Goulet is singing Christmas Carols in New Orleans and this movie is officially very 1980s.

4. “Father Loves Beaver” is a show on this network. That is all.

5. Bill Murray keeps a mirror in his drawer to … practice smiling? I think? We’re three minutes in and I think he might be a sociopath.

6. This movie has dropped like a dozen names already AND Bobcat Goldthwait is here and I don’t know why it felt like it needed to convince us it was the coolest kid in the room but, hey …

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