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The Complete Guide on How to Make Your Screenplay Title Page Stand Out from the Pack
by Script Reader Pro

While you’ve probably heard a lot about how the first page of your story is the most important when it comes to first impressions—it’s not. It’s actually the title.

Screenplay titles matter. A lot.

When your script lands on the desk of someone important—like a manager, producer or exec—the very first impression they form of your script is from the title.

Here are a few examples of bad screenplay titles

  • Too close to an existing movie titleKill Phil, Naughty Santa
  • Already been used. The Sunshine Boys, While You Were Napping
  • Too complicatedThe Attenuation Dispersion Code, Puranas and Itihasas
  • Too simpleHope, Conflict
  • Something you’d never see on a billboard. The Magnet Pulls, Portmanteau Antlers

Movie titles like these give the reader an immediate signal that you’re not sure what you’re doing—before they’ve even had a chance to read the first page of your script.

Great writers choose great movie titles. And needless to say, your script’s title needs to be pretty great. Not just good. Not just okay. But great.

How do you come up with great movie title ideas?

In this post we’re going to break down how to write a movie title for a screenplay into six main areas:

  • Coming up with a great movie title ideas by nailing the story’s essence
  • Generating movie title ideas method #1: Characters
  • Generating movie title ideas method #2: Locations
  • Generating movie title ideas method #3: Situations or feelings
  • How to find out if your screenplay title idea is any good
  • Screenplay title page format best practices

So let’s dive on in….

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