Start Your Own Illegal Streaming Website Now! (NO, DON’T! YOU SHOULDN’T!)

Adventure on the high interwebs! Ahoy, matey!

by munchman

Ever want to be the captain of your own pirate ship? Well, bunky, your time has come. A site called is ready, willing, and able to sell you the whole package.

TorrentFreak.Com explains:

n recent years many pirates have moved from more traditional download sites and tools, to streaming portals.

These streaming sites come in all shapes and sizes, and there is fierce competition among site owners to grab the most traffic. More traffic means more money, after all.

While building a streaming from scratch is quite an operation, there are scripts on the market that allow virtually anyone to set up their own streaming index in just a few minutes.

TVStreamCMS is one of the leading players in this area.

Yer friendly neighborhood munchamaniac isn’t advocating sailing the interweb seas in search of film and TV series booty to plunder or customers interested in buying your sordid, tainted, and potentially virus-riddled wares. Oh no, no, no, no.

It’s just I find it fascinating that this kind of thing is right out there in all our faces, almost as ubiquitous as der trumpenfuhrer’s dumbass tweets. And it makes me think, “Hey, my pretties, if this is available right out there via Chrome, Firefox or even one of Microsoft’s terrible browsers, can you imagine what’s waiting on the Dark Web?”

That’s Modern Life for ya. Fraught with peril, especially for the pure at heart.

There be dragons. Yeah.