So How’s the 2016 Fall TV Schedule Shaping Up, Mrs. Lincoln?

A couple in love? Or are they holding on to each other for dear life?
A couple in love? Or are they holding on to each other for dear life?

by Rogelio Charles

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rogelio Charles, the Luis Miguel of wordsmithing, watches some Fall premieres so you don’t have to. Take it away, Rogelio:

My goal last week was to watch the complete opening episodes of at least four broadcast network shows.

I didn’t make it.

Here’s how far I got…and why.

Big Bang Theory:

It wasn’t funny. If that is the trajectory , then they have jumped the shark. Weird, mean, and stupid. Or, in case I haven’t been clear: This show has been shooting the same episode over and over with new details plugged into it for years. If they jumped the shark this time it’s no big deal because they’d already skinned it.


With the addition of new guy Wilmer Whatever, NCIS has come up with yet another television Latino stereotype seemingly designed to antagonize us. (By which I mean the Latin-American Community).

Also, I found myself wondering if there were new cameramen? The lighting, the shot set-ups and even Gibbs’ house and basement looked different than in previous seasons even though physically the sets were the same.

I also have to say that I believe the decision to focus on the new agents instead of on McGee and Bishop does a disservice to two stalwart regulars. Last season’s finale implied that McGee will be filling DiNozzo’s shoes, but he’s still chained to the computer while we get newbies Quinn and Torres.

As for poor Ducky, he wasn’t merely watered down, his presence was totally unnecessary. And Palmer and Sciuto seemed far too perky under the circumstances. And – oh hell, man, the only thing I liked in this episode was the JAG scene. So disappointing to this long time fan. Looking like the last season for my favorite Mark Harmon-fest.

NCIS New Orleans:

Watched the opening scene – sort of. I glanced at it as I left the room. Which proves how much I was trying to stick to my vow. God knows that’s more than I’ve ever been able to do before.


This one’s a Maybe for me. My reaction to the opening was that Bull reminded me of the old Tim Roth show Lie To Me. That isn’t meant as praise.

As for initial character development, the little scene between juror Beth Johnson, and psychologist, jury consultant, hero Jason Bull (our recently so beloved NCIS hero Tony DiNozzo) where she analyzes him and tells him to stop analyzing people just so that he can get them to do what he wants and then he says he can’t stop – well, talk about a shocker!  [/sarcasm]

But it is Michael Weatherly/Tony Dinozzo up there on the screen, so I’ll probably watch the show a few more times just to make sure I’m justified in hating it. As Roberta (you don’t know her but that’s your loss) said, “I hope Weatherly doesn’t keep dressing in blue.”