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This week’s collection of recent articles from other websites about TV, TV writing, etc., etc., etc., including a couple about writing for television in places we in the U.S. don’t normally think about.

The plan here is for you to click on their headlines and visit the sites and read the posts in full…and is anybody asks, tell ’em TVWriter™ sentcha, okay?

What’s it like being a sought-after TV writer in Pakistan?
by Sadaf Siddique & Sadaf Haider


When Faiza Iftikhar describes her lead character using an unprintable term and terms men ‘oxygen masks’, you know she’s a writer who won’t stick to the script.

Though we suspect that is mostly because she has trouble with total recall. She claims she is especially prone to forgetting the names of dramas that launched her career.

One would think that as a famed novelist and drama writer, she would have her every success on the tip of her tongue but in a lively, no-holds barred conversation Faiza Iftikhar proved that while she takes her work seriously… herself, not so much….

Natalie Dormer: ‘Writing my own film was illuminating’

Women In Film Los Angeles Celebrates The 2016 Crystal + Lucy Awards Presented by Max Mara and BMW Featuring: Natalie Dormer Where: Beverly Hills, California, United States When: 15 Jun 2016 Credit: FayesVision/

he 34-year-old actress is most famous for her roles in movie franchise The Hunger Games and TV series Game of Thrones. But she has explored another talent in writing, after working with her film director fiance Anthony Byrne on new project In Darkness.

Resorted to ghost-writing to survive in showbiz
by Indervesh Yogee


Mumbai, July 3 (IANS): “Love Ke Funday” writer-director Indervesh Yogee, who hails from Haryana, says to survive in the rat race in Bollywood, he even had to ghost-write and direct some projects. Now his debut film, a romantic comedy, is set to release on July 15.

The romcom “Love Ke Funday”, a film on today’s youth, is produced under FRV Big Business Entertainment Private Limited banner by Faaiz Anwar and Prem Prakash Gupta.

It was after he was appreciated for writing plays during his college days in Rohtak that Yogee thought about joining the film industry. He first tried his luck in Delhi, but when he saw there were people fleecing the gullible ones, he decided to make the shift to Mumbai….

Writing an Episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the Toronto Screenwriting Conference 
by Greg David


A full-day experience in a television writers room taught me one thing: there is no such thing as a bad idea. My fascination with what occurs behind closed doors on a TV series was realized when I was given the opportunity to attend the Writers Guild of Canada’s Writers Room Intensive for this year’s Toronto Screenwriting Conference.

In a sunbathed room on the seventh floor at Entertainment One’s Toronto office last Friday, I watched as Wynonna Earp showrunner and executive producer Emily Andras welcomed participants Laura Ashley Seaton, Tim Kilby, Priscilla M. White, Keri Ferencz, Matt Doyle and Blain Watters, who worked together—fuelled by coffee, water and food—to break a spec script of Buffy the Vampire Slayer….