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This week’s collection of recent articles from other websites about TV, TV writing, etc., etc., etc. The plan here is for you to click on their headlines and visit the sites and read the posts in full…and is anybody asks, tell ’em TVWriter™ sentcha, okay?

Turning Pages: How to write for television and get it on screen
by Jane Sullivan0

Benjamin Law’s book The Family Law has been adapted for TV

Want to write a great television drama series? Simple: there are just 13 rules. Start with an anti-hero (usually a man, could be a woman). Give him a family. Set your show at the end of an era. Give your hero a mentor or protege. Add a nemesis with a problem of his own.

Write a bottle episode (between just two people). Put a drug at the centre. Include sex. Parcel out the violence. Include one of the following: health scare, corpse disposal, party scene, huge explosion, demonstration of hero’s superpower. Hit the books (literary references). Let nobody be safe. And don’t forget the comedy….

If INSIDE OUT Got A Round of Reality TV Network Notes
by Jeez Jon



Hello! Thanks for turning our notes around so quickly.  As it stands, the show is really making some progress but it’s really not there yet.  What you’ve given is so immensely creative and thrilling, which is great… and is also a huge concern. The problem is we kept getting lost in what’s going on.  A clarity pass is absolutely necessary.  Bites, bites, bites! If we’re going to ask for the audience to take the leap to go into someone’s mind, we need to spell things out for them very clearly so they don’t get nervous.  Once you do this with a very thorough bite pass, then we’ll give time coded notes.  Please address the following (and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call my assistant to set up a time for a call.)…

Survival Watching: The Pros And Cons Of Trying To Keep Up In The Era Of Peak TV
by Jessica Toomer


 Have you ever had a panic-inducing moment of TV FOMO? You know, that feeling when the rest of your friends are talking about the latest Game of Thrones episode and you feel completely out of the loop because you just never got into dragons and white walkers and George R.R. Martin’s homicidal writing tendencies? For you, R+L=J could just as easily be some weird algebra equation, not the foundational theory of Jon Snow’s parentage….

Warrensville Heights native makes it big after losing everything
by Danielle Wiggins


Everyone struggles.

Everyone has hard times.

What separates the successful is their answer to the struggle.

It was Ricky Smith’s response to his trials that has catapulted him to success.

We know the Warrensville Heights native as the man behind the social movement Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere, known on social media as #RAKE….