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This week’s collection of recent articles from other websites about TV, TV writing, etc., etc., etc. The plan here is for you to click on their headlines and visit the sites and read the posts in full…and is anybody asks, tell ’em TVWriter™ sentcha, okay?

Person Of Interest Was Anti-Prestige TV And Too Smart For Primetime
by Ed Zitron


First, let me tell you what Person of Interest is. Person of Interest is the inverse of Game of Thrones. For every shock death from the HBO’s version of George R.R. Martin’s book series, it had Kevin Chapman getting maced by a model and beaten up with a handbag. For every Game of Thrones setpiece that sent 49 bloggers into an ejaculatory frenzy over the ambiguous motives and bloodlines of royals, Person of Interest had a scene where Jim Caviezel kicks seven shades of shit out of the cardboard archetype of a bad person….

Writer David Koepp on ‘Inferno’, ‘Jurassic Park’, Working with David Fincher, and More
by Steve “Frosty” Weintraub


One of the best things about doing an interview outside of a press junket is time. When a studio holds a big junket at a hotel, everyone’s time is extremely limited because the people need to be able to speak with all the reporters. While you occasionally can land twenty minutes with someone in a one-on-one setting, it’s not the norm.

So when I arranged to speak with veteran screenwriter David Koepp about writing the movie adaptation of Ron Howard’s Inferno, one of the things that really excited me was that he was going to give me enough time to have an in-depth conversation….

Martha Thomases: Copycat Crimes
by Matha Thomases


Passionate and principled capitalists believe in the rights of workers, investors and creative people to reap the rewards of their efforts. If you start a business, invent a new product, or plant in your own field, you should get to keep the profits… after paying your workers fairly, of course. We’re talking about capitalists with principles.

In an ideal world, this can be a good system. I’m motivated to work hard because I get paid in a manner that is equal to my effort and my risk….

The Following Season 4 No Longer Became Possible Because the TV Series Lost Writing Steam Right After Season 1
by Kazem Sedighzadeh


In a way, the American psychological thriller drama TV series “The Following” on Fox was fortunate that it got to Season 3 even though it was canceled right afterward.

Those who have watched the show right from the beginning know that the TV series lost steam right after its remarkable first season and it was all downhill from there….