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Brown Girls: Freeform Greenlights Comedy Pilot
by Cindy McLennnan

Freeform has ordered the Brown Girls TV show pilot. The comedy comes from writers Shilpi Roy and Nastaran Dibai. Freeform says, “The pilot centers on the relationship between Rimmi, an Indian-American aspiring beauty vlogger, and Devi, a young woman who has recently emigrated from India.”

Co-EP Roy and EP Dibai are writing the pilot. Tracy Katsky, Aaron Kaplan, and Dana Honor will executive produce….

The Ins and Outs of Writing a Winning, Magical Screenplay
by Gina Annunziato

Potterverse creator J.K. Rowling is making her screenplay debut with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The original 2001 book wasn’t written as a story, but as one of Harry Potter’s textbooks. Now, we’re going to enjoy five movies based on such a little book. How does that happen…?

Charting The Platinum Age Of Television with critic David Bianculli
by Erik Adams

David Bianculli was studying journalism at the University Of Florida and interning at the Gainesville Sun when he persuaded the paper’s editors to let him cover a new, late-night comedy program debuting on NBC. That show, Saturday Night Live, is still on the air today, and Bianculli’s still covering TV, via his website, TV Worth Watching, and as the resident television critic on NPR’s Fresh Air—where he’s also a regular guest host….

The Current State of TV Comedy
by Ken Levine

This is all you need to know.

I’m teaching another graduate television comedy writing seminar at UCLA. I have eight super-bright students. They’re all funny and extremely passionate about the business. They know every show on every platform. And they watch inordinate amounts of television (although rarely on their TV’s). The fact that a series is on some relatively obscure streaming service makes it just as accessible to them as if it were on NBC….

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