Politics Trumps TV Writing

Steve Hely

The TV writer’s lament: “Who do I have to fuck to get some publicity around here?”

Know why TVWriter™ features TV writers in as many of our articles – and headlines – as we can? One big reason is that even now, in the era of the Star Showrunner-Writer, most media still turn their backs on our beloved wordsmiths.

Today we spotted a truly interesting article about Steve Hely, who has written for shows like 30 Rock, The Office US, The Late Show With David Letterman and American Dad. An enjoyable and educational article by Alex Casey crammed with facts and opinions and insights about the whole TV writing and production process.

But what headline did The Spinoff, the New Zealand website that published it, use?

This one, referring to a very small part of the article:

Where is Steve Hely

Way to support writers, Spinoff!

But even though it pisses us off, we still think you should take a look at what Ms. Casey and Mr. Hely have to say. You can find it RIGHT HERE

Oh, we just noticed something else not cool. The post contains 8 images and 4 videos…and absolutely none of them show us Steve Hely. Trump is there though. Oh yeah.