“Veteran” Comedy Writer Gets Series Go-Ahead from Nick At Night

There’s something about the word “veteran” that just gets the blood flowing, you know? Even though, in showbiz, it’s probably a euphemism for “really, really, really old.”

So we’re glad to report that there’s no sign of age discrimination at Nick.

Nick At Nite Comedy Pilot ‘Wendell & Vinnie’ Picked Up To Series With 20-Episode Order – by Nellie Andreeva

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Supernatural Season Two Finale – Recap and Review


**This episode originally aired in May 2007. If you are unfamiliar with the series, be aware this review contains spoilers.**

 “I couldn’t have done it without your pathetic, self loathing, self destructive desire to sacrifice yourself for your family.” – Azazel

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LB: Peter Bogdanovich Regrets…

by Larry Brody

Bogdanovich & Boris Karloff back when Bogdanovich began his ascent

…Just about everything he’s ever done, judging from some quotes I saw yesterday. But then, it often seems to me that showbiz brings out two character traits in most of the people who “make it:” Self-aggrandizement as they hit it big. And self-pity as the big gets smaller.

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LB: Dictation, Not Siri, is the Bane of Writers

by Larry Brody

Just ran across this at The Atlantic.Com and it did something that becomes more difficult each day. It made me think and, better yet considering my chosen, much-loved profession, it made me write:

Siri, Take This Down: Will Voice Control Shape Our Writing? – by Robert Rosenberger

Do our writing means change our written ends?

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Some Words About THE MATRIX Screenplay

We recommend this article even if the writer doesn’t understand that the correct expression (you’ll have to read it to know what we mean) is “toe the line.”

Lucky for you, pal, we’re blaming the damn schools:

This is the perfect graphic. If it said “TVWriting” we’d steal it.

What ‘The Matrix’ Screenplay Taught Me – by Jason McKinnon

Many years ago, when I first started devouring screenplays, I read more