FX Orders 90 More Episodes of ANGER MANAGEMENT

Yep, the Warlock wins after all.

Congrats, Charlie. (Now tell us, where’s the party?)

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munchman: My Hero

With the right facial hair, no one can see you dribble

What? You don’t recognize Bruce Helford, creator-writer-producer of ANGER MANAGEMENT? I’d know him anywhere because – and this is a big reason for loving on him – look at that, uh, look. The man’s got style written all over his, uh, chin.

And if that’s not enough, look at this interview he gives at Collider.Com. The man’s a mere creator-writer-producer, for crying out loud, but he’s got balls big enough to speak, in public, about Charlie Sheen. And we know what happened the last time a creator-writer-producer tried that. Oh, wait…

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