LB: Calvin & Hobbes Should Be a TV Series

by Larry Brody

…But since it isn’t, we’ll have to make do with these:

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God, I loved this strip!

The New, Improved, New Improved NIKITA

Nikita – Season 2, Episode 1 – by The Hudsonian

 **This episode originally aired in September 2011. If you are unfamiliar with the series, turn away to avoid spoilers, or bleeding corneas.**

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, you’re right. This is the 2nd review we’ve published of this episode. Not 1 but 2 of our contributors have fearlessly leapt into this series, and although the right thing would have been to only run 1 of the reviews we’re just so stunned by this kind of lovin’ that we going with them both. What does this say about NIKITA? What does it say about us?

I’ll spare you the catching up section of the Season One finale, and simply refer you to The Thinking Man’s post on the episode.

And now, for another love-fest about this kick ass TV show:

The intro leads Nikita into an underground craps game, where she’s assisted by Michael in looting the place to pay for their next operation. What we may not have seen coming? Alex traces her every move.

Alex now works with Division (not for) in an exchange of assets. Alex offers her skills to help retrieve one of the missing black boxes, and Amanda – the new head of Division – will help Alex in taking down Semak, the man who now leads her father’s company, Zetrov.

The main operation is to free Tony Merrick from federal prison who has information that could expose a dirty operation Division covered up. Michael frees Merrick, only to find out that he didn’t want to be freed, and never said anything because the life of his now adult son was threatened.

Blows are exchanged in the Nikita and Michael crusade against Division, going as far as Nikita breaking Alex’s arm and shooting her in the leg – some would call that tough love – and ultimately leading to Merrick’s exoneration, and a member of the Oversight team taking his own life instead of facing charges of treason.

But where are some of the supporting characters that dazzled us from Season One?

Percy’s greed and need to exert his power over everyone put him in a peculiar position – on the outside looking in. He’s being contained in a Division holding cell, complete with open glass and even visitation. Granted, those visits are from Amanda, who still feels the need to pick his identic memory for hints on how Nikita will proceed, but hey, it’s human contact, right?

Birkhoff makes for the grandest of reentrances, sending attack drones to rescue his trapped friends as Michael and Nikita are surrounded by Division agents, led by new face, Sean (more on him later). Once secured, he lets them know that he’s in this to make sure Division doesn’t get ahold of his riches, since he spent years pilfering accounts to load up.

A couple of new faces emerge here. Sean is sent from Oversight, the governing body responsible for creating Division, to oversee the transition from Percy to Amanda, and to ensure that there won’t be a similar situation. Sonya plays the new Birkhoff, Division’s personal computer hacker. She mainly just takes orders from Amanda, but will soon have a bigger role in this uber-awesome spy saga.

Nikita picks up where it left off, with action out of the gate, coupled with great storytelling and exploring how relationships are affected in this line of work. It pulls it off brilliantly, and if you don’t find it as riveting as I do, Nikita may just kick your ass.

And that’s one chick you do NOT want to mess with.


…And we’re all for it. Law-breakin’ wimmens! Gun fights! Killer babes on a bloody trail through the South! Who could ask for more?

Producers Callie Khouri, R.J. Cutler On ‘Nashville'” TCA

Oscar-winning Thelma And Louise screenwriter Callie Khouri found herself this morning at TCA on a panel promoting the new ABC serialized ensemble drama Nashville starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere that might best be described as “Dallas in Tennessee.”

Khouri is an executive producer of the new series. And if it seemed weird that such an esteemed feature scribe (who also wrote Something To Talk About and Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood) would be producing her first series for TV, her partner on the project is equally odd: R.J. Cutler, known primarily for his unscripted shows and whose past projects have included the likes of Flip That House and Greatest American Dog.

Khouri admitted this kind of project is brand new for her but that she’s having a blast doing it. “I’m actually loving it because with a feature, you do it and it’s over”, she said. “But I’m getting to sit with some absolutely incredible writers and fan out stories that go on for a long time. And so I can plan for characters to go through things and go through changes that you would never be able to do in a feature film, because you cover such a long period of time. And I love that. It’s so much fun. It’s writing at a much faster pace than I’m used to, but that’s the only thing I’m having trouble with. Everything else about it is just so inspiring, to be able to take each character on a long journey and see them change, see them grow and put them through trial by fire.”

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…And then tell us what it’s about. Because we honestly couldn’t make ourselves read any further than “DALLAS in Tennessee.” No killer wimmens? No bloody trails? But it’ll have lotsa conniving bitches, right? And dimly lit shots of them doing the nasty? Please say it will. Please…


We’re Getting Kinda Interested in THE BITCH IN APARTMENT 23

This article has made us decide to give the show a try. (Wow! Yay, PR!)

‘Apartment 23’: More Beek Jeans, Romance for Chloe and 9 More Teasers From the Cast, Creators – by Lesley Goldberg

After a seven-episode first season that found June making out with Chloe’s dad (ew!), Fake James Van Der Beek launching a clothing line (Beek Jeans!) and Chloe literally adopting an teenager to serve as her assistant, the insanity on ABC’s Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 has only just begun…

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the cast Thursday at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour to get the scoop with the showrunners already seven scripts in. Here are 11 spoilers from the cast and creators.

1. Season 2 will consist of 19 episodes — including the six held over from Season 1 that will feature Fake James (aka TV JVDB) as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Khan tellsTHR that those episodes will be interspersed throughout the season. “We’re going to try to get it as close to that as we can and do some crossovers,” Khan says of matching up theApartment 23 faux-Dancing with ABC’s actual season finale. (And yes, there’s always the possibility for the network to order additional episodes.)

2. Chloe will meet her match. Producers are currently testing a potential love interest to recur for Ritter’s titular bitch — but there’s a twist. “She’s pulling another scam and halfway through, the guy flips the tables on her and she’s taken aback,” Khan says, noting her dream cast is Ryan Gosling, but if he’s unavailable David Schwimmer would work well. “It’s got to be somebody who can hold their own with Krysten. It’s Chloe meeting her match, the ‘Bastard in 407!’ ” Ritter, meanwhile, has her own stunt casting in mind for the role: “I’d rather see Katie Holmes as a love interest — it’d be amazing and a way to spin the whole Dawson’s Creek reunion on its ear! We’d be the cutest couple, we’re both 5-foot-9!” she enthused.

3. Khan says she’s heard ex-Dawson’s Creek-er Joshua Jackson wants to be on the show — allow us to suggest the Fringe star for Ritter’s rube/love interest!

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Sorry, but we can’t help it. When the creators speak we listen. ‘Cuz they know stuff no one else does.