The Doctor Puppet Salutes the Olympics

…And so do we:

I’m enjoying the London Olympics

But I feel like someone was missing from the Opening Ceremony. Oh well. Go everyone!


At last!

Sorry I’ve been away, but it’s been just too hot out to do much traveling. Take it on my authority that New York City has been like the surface of Venus for the past few weeks.

I’ve been spending my days inside with my companion, Alisa, helping her make jewelry and art. She’ll be selling her work at Dragon*Con next month in the Art Show and Artist’s Bazaar. If I modeled some of her jewelry she promised she would make me a TARDIS when she’s done! She also makes these little robot sculptures, but I don’t care for them much because they remind me of Cybermen. Who would want one of those?

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The DOCTOR WHO Puppet is Still Irresistible

by Larry Brody

Maybe even more so:

BOOM! Brooklyn put on a great fireworks show.

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Big image file…sorry.

Hey, It’s the Doctor Who Puppet

…What else can we say?

I’m back! I had a busy week of traveling around New York, including a visit to the Eastern tip of Long Island. I explored the beach and met some of the local wildlife. Crabs are lovely creatures, though they do get cross when you pick them up. I may have been pinched a few times.

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