munchman: Jon Lovett Creates a TV Series

What? You didn’t know he was a writer? Hey, he wrote some of Obama’s funniest speeches. Well, the funny lines anyway.

I assume.


TV Pilot Preview: NBC’s ‘1600 Penn’
by Diane Gordon

The Obamas have made life in the White House a subject of interest again and 1600 Penn is poised to capitalize on that popularity. The Hollywood Reporter screened the pilot of 1600 Penn, written by executive producers Josh Gad, former presidential speechwriter Jon Lovett and Emmy-winning director Jason Winer (Modern Family) and has five things to know about the upcoming NBC single-camera comedy series that shows how being the Commander in Chief can clash with being the head of the household.

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You know, this could be good. Anything’s possible, right?


2 thoughts on “munchman: Jon Lovett Creates a TV Series”

  1. I had no idea Lovett was a presidential speechwriter. Funny man. I agree with you – this could be good. Wonder if addresses are becoming a trend in naming programs…

    1. I have a feeling that we’re all confusing Jon Lovett with Jon Lovitz. And there’s something very surreal about the result.



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