Not a Review of The CW’s ARROW

…because, we assume, there’s an embargo on such things for now.

This Is Not a Review: The CW’s Pilot Arrow
by Tim Surette

Alert! This is not a review. I repeat, this is not a review. Throw a “p” on that, please, ’cause this is a preview of the early version of a pilot, a pilot that will almost certainly undergo some form of change before it airs in its final form. Consider this a first impression of a work-in-progress.

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Obligatory snarky comment:

Our first impression is that either SpoilerTV.Com or Tim Surette is an age-spotted (sorry, LB) coward. Or both. Yeah, let’s just say both.

Our second impression, though, is that smells like a big CW hit. No, not because of Stephen Amell’s manly forearms, we’re talking something real here: Sharp pointy things (like arrows, wake up!) are, you know, US.