New Year’s with Bri Castellini Part 1 – @brisownworld

How My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions Faired
by Bri Castellini

High level: this was an incredibly busy year, just not in the ways I’d planned back in January 2018.

Produce 2 new projects I write to completion- COMPLETE!

Back in January I filmed my latest short film, co-written and co-produced by my buddy Colin Hinckley.

We also shot season 2 of Sam and Pat Are Depressed! It’s mid-edit and we hope to release it early 2019.

Write a feature-length screenplay- lol nah

My workload for producing and for my day job just didn’t allow for this. There were multiple months in a row where I had maybe two days off, total, which is including weekends.

Post a blog twice a month and a personal YouTube video once a month.- PARTIAL FAILURE

Didn’t do either, though I stuck with blogging for most of the year! See above for my other excuses. I was in a play for two months, also! Literally every weekend and several weeknights that whole period were taken up by hours-long rehearsals or performances!

Write 2 new TV scripts- one original pilot, one spec script.- lol nah

Mid-year I wrote: “I’ll definitely have a new original pilot written unless I do nothing from now until January 2019” which is ADORABLE. At the time of writing that, I was a week away from filming Sam and Pat season 2, then less than two months later (mid-editing for that project and the short film I did) I was in that play, and then I continued to need to edit and also take a dang break once in a while, and no writing got done. I basically haven’t written anything new since last winter, which is a bummer and which will be heavily emphasized in 2019.

Close caption all previous (and new 2018) projects – COMPLETE

Done! Pain in the ass, but done!

Save $1500  COMPLETE

Done! I really needed the padding, because last year I burnt through everything I’d been saving diligently for like two years prior.

Leave New York City at least twice.– COMPLETE

Trip #1: New Jersey to speak on a panel/ participate web series screening!

Eat out less than three times a week and do something active every day.- lol nah

Yeah. Nah.

Take a photo every day- lol nah

Mid-January my phone shattered and the new one I purchased made the camera sound every time I took a photo and I couldn’t turn it off. So I largely just stopped taking photos. Then I shattered THAT phone and got one without that issue, but by then it was September and too late to really get back into the swing of things.

Talk less, listen more – COMPLETE (I guess?)

I like to think I completed this one. If you disagree, I don’t want to hear it. I need this.

Final tally…



Given all the other things not on this list that got completed, plus stepping up significantly at my day job, I’m not upset by this outcome. But I do have a lot of new ideas for 2019…

EDITOR’S NOTE: For Bri’s original version, which includes a lot more pix and cute captions, you’ll want to click your way HERE

Bri Castellini is an indie filmmaker and Community Director at Stareable, our favorite web series hub. Watch the remarkable Ms. Castellini’s award-winning web series, Brains, HERE. See Sam And Pat Are Depressed HERE. This post first appeared on Bri’s wonderfully refreshing blog.