munchman: ADVENTURE TIME is on its way to the Big Screen

Not our Beloved Leader Larry Brody but an astonishing look - & sound -  alike!
Not our Beloved Leader Larry Brody but an astonishing look – & sound – alike!

by munchman

Yeppers, gang, Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, et al, have reported that everybody’s favorite totally crappy, cheap-assed sorta kids’ TV series is being developed into a feature film by Warner Brothers, which – of course – also owns the Cartoon Network where the show currently is shown.

ADVENTURE TIME is a totally nonsensical piece of drivel created by Pendleton Ward and follows the absolutely nonsensical adventures of Finn, a 12 year old boy drawn to look like, well, I dunno what those pictures look like, and his best friend, a dog named Jake. Together, they protect the Land of Ooo. At least, that’s what all the press releases say, but although the show has a lot of very vociferous fans including yer friendly neighborhood munchman meself, I have to admit that I have never figured out what’s going on in any episode because ADVENTURE TIME is a series that depends entirely on its audience already knowing the story and therefore being able to nod and wink and go nudge nudge.

So why does Warners want to make this into a film? I think it’s because contrary to the old saying “Never bullshit a bullshitter,” the bullshitters at Warners (AKA the execs who bought it) have in fact bought into the hipness of this fercochte show. And, truth to tell, muncherito thinks that’s wonderful, cuz if  Pendleton Ward and ADVENTURE TIME can make it into the branded tentpole circuit, so can we and whatever we create.

Gentlemen, start your P.R. engines!