‘Morgan’s Organs’ Returns (Return? Whatev)

We’ve talked about Morgan’s Organs, a comedy comic book series (“like Pixar’s Inside Out but for grown-ups) before here on TVWriter™. (HERE and HERE) Now the “‘sitcomic’ adventures of Morgan and the crazy organauts living inside his body” are returning with a new twist.

Here’s the skinny, from creator-writer Daniel Brodie (no relation to our Beloved Leader Larry Brody, although we hear that he’s a big fan):

n 2016, we introduced Kickstarter and the world to Book 1 of our quirky concept, and in 2017, we returned with Book 2. Thanks to the love and support of our incredible fans, we’re able to return for Book 3 of Morgan’s Organs. The great thing about this series is each story is standalone – you can read it in any order and still enjoy the heck out of it!

In Book 1 (click to preview), we witnessed Morgan’s two “heads” of the body clash for control of Morgan’s decision-making, all while Morgan battled the pressure to end a dry spell.

In Book 2 (click to preview), we cringed as Morgan dealt with the pains of swallowing something he shouldn’t, and the consequences it would have for the organauts as it moved through his digestive system.

This time, we’re bringing you a story riddled with alcohol, phallic artwork and a secret Morgan wish he never knew. And what I am most excited about is that we’re using an unconventional narrative style for this book with a structure similar to that of Christopher Nolan’s hit movie, Memento.

More, including Book 3 preview pages, at KICKSTARTER