Crowdfunding: MORGAN’S ORGANS

EDITOR’S NOTE: We just learned about a new crowdfunding project being put together by frequent TVWriter™ visitor Daniel Brodie (no relation to LB, honest), and think that y’all should know about it…especially our visitors who are into comic books. Have a gander at the future:


by Team TVWriter™ Press Service

Soon to launch is a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Morgan’s Organs, an independent comic book series that follows university student, Morgan, and the operators of his internal body systems as they struggle to work together to help him tackle all aspects of life and growing up. The premise behind Morgan’s Organs is simple: what if our bodily functions are actually controlled by micro-beings living with us? It’s like Inside Out for grown-ups.

The creator and writer, Daniel Brodie, began working on his self-developed concept about 2 years ago from his home in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. After initially pursuing the idea as a television series, even connecting with producers at Amazon Studios and Nickelodeon, Daniel is now pursuing a new route – an indie comic book series. Daniel intends to raise funds through a Kickstarter campaign launching at the beginning of February 2016 for the design and printing of the first issue of the series.

“At first, Morgan’s Organs was just a funny idea to me”, Daniel explains. “It wasn’t until I started telling my friends about the idea and hearing their positive feedback that I became inspired to try writing it myself. A couple years and many revisions later, I’m focused on bringing my story to the world. Funding an indie comic series through Kickstarter seems like a great way to bypass many hurdles and to truly find out if there is a fan base for an outlandish concept like this.”

Daniel is partnering with the talented artist, Robert Jennex of Nova Scotia, Canada, to complete the design of the first issue. This is also Robert’s first foray into comic book publishing, and together, they hope to create a fresh new series. “I already have numerous storylines planned and a rough script for a potential second issue ready”, Daniel explains. “Robert is the perfect artist to help bring my idea to life, and hopefully, we can continue this partnership past just a first issue!”

In the first issue of the series, Morgan and the band of characters living within him tackle issues related to peer pressure, and trying to know the difference between doing what you want for yourself versus what others want of you. While the series does tackle mature themes suited to an adult audience, Daniel hopes that his comic series actually says something honest about human nature from a fresh and humorous perspective.

Check out the comic book preview at, where you can also sign-up to be notified when his Kickstarter campaign starts.