Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 6/4/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Katja Blichfeld & Ben Sinclair (newbies!) have deal to move their web series HIGH MAINTENANCE to Vimeo’s new on-demand service. (In other words, the New Age of Television is upon us. Real TV on the web. This is huger than a mega-blunt. Really. Yer Friendly Neighborhood Munchie Guy congratulates Katja, Ben, and the rest of the gang at Janky Clown Prods. Oh, and Vimeo too, for doing this…for us, the viewers.)
  • Dan Harmon (COMMUNITY) is in talks with Hulu about bringing that very series to Hulu Plus for a sixth season. Dude wants “six seasons and a movie” and just ain’t gonna give up till he gets ’em. (So that means, what? That munchman still has to make nice to Dan cuz the Harmonizer may continue to be a force in the industry in spite of COMMUNITY being cancelled – again – by NBC? Damn, you have no idea how much energy this takes out of me….)
  • Matthew Cole Weis (STANDING STILL) has sold his spec comedy pilot, THIS IS ME to Fox. (Looks like another version of THREE MEN AND A BABY since it’s about: “a twentysomething who gets custody of his 11-year-old brother and decides to raise him with the help of his motley crew of roommates.” But, hell, my mother liked THREE MEN AND A BABY, so who knows?)
  • If you know anybody at Dreamworks, or Netflix, now’s the time to kiss up cuz Netflix is committed to “several” (So…more than 1?) new seasons of DREAMWORKS DRAGONS, a spinoff of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON that’s been airing on Comedy Central till now. (Tip: Don’t say you’re Steven Spielberg’s buddy to get the gig. Another tip: Do say you’re his son or daughter, and if that works let me know so I can give it a try!)