Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/13/14


Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • James Wong (AMERICAN HORROR STORY) is writing a CBS pilot about an angel who teams up with a female police detective to solve crimes.  (Ye olde muncher isn’t too taken with that part of the premise, but wait, it gets cooler: The angel has lost his wings and is stranded on earth, which means that he and the detective spend a lotta time “trying to uncover the mystery” of why he’s been made mortal. C’mon, that really is kinda cool, no?)
  • Matt Wheeler (the upcoming TIN MEN) is writing an NBC drama about a mob family called THE FAMILY BUSINESS. (And if the series is anywhere near as “original” as that title, whoa, baby, NBC’s in big trouble…again)
  • Evan Dougherty (DIVERGENT) is adapting Five Ghosts, an Image Comic book by Frank J. Barbiere & Chris Mooneyham into a series pilot for Syfy. (The comic is about a 1930s treasure hunter possessed by Merlin, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Musashi, and Dracula, which means that come hell, high water, or incarceration by the Sheriff of Nottingham, el munchero will watch every episode of this awesomeness…even if the TV version turns out not so awesome. And, yeppers, I think you should too.)
  • Gillian Flynn (GONE GIRL) has been signed to write every episode of HBO’s new thriller series, UTOPIA. (Which means that you and I every writer we know – unless you know Gillian, is plumb out of lock for working on that damn series. So while I’m happy for Ms. F, I’m just a tad put out at all the lost $$$. I mean credit. I mean…experience. Yeah, that’s it, experience, that I kinda sorta wanted to get. Guess we’ll have to file this deal in the Life Ain’t Fair Department, yes?)

That’s it for now. Write in and tell munchilito what you’ve sold today. TVWriter™ can’t wait to brag to all your friends. (And, more importantly, enemies. Hehehe….)